Rigor Mortiss – Wbrewny (CD Album – Zoharum)

By Jul 5,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, doom.

Background/Info: Originally set up in 1990 Rigor Mortiss got their success in the early 90s. They finally split and came back more than 20 years later seeing some of the core members joined by new members. They released a new album called “Brud” in 2015 (Requiem Records) and are now back again with a new opus.

Content: “Wbrewny” stands for industrial and bombast and that’s exactly the way they take off. The typical heavy industrial guitar play has been joined by electronics and drums. Several members are singing, which injects some diversity to the songs. “Wbrewny” is not only into industrial music, but still covers cinematic parts and even a somewhat ritual-driven track (cf. “Sorgens Stigar”). Another noticeable cut is “Escape From The Flashback”, which sounds as the offspring between The Swans and The Young Gods.

+ + + : Rigor Mortiss always has had a very personal approach and this is an old tradition they simply hold on. It’s more than simply industrial music. I already mentioned “Sorgens Stigar” which is more into a kind of ritual sphere and I like the deep-throated voices running through this cut. It creates a hypnotic feeling. If you like bombast, this album will definitely give you satisfaction.

– – – : I noticed some experimental passages running through a few cuts, which aren’t my favorite ones from this album.

Conclusion: Rigor Mortiss has a very personal interpretation of ‘industrial’ music and that’s what this new opus is reflecting.

Best songs: “Sorgens Stigar”, “Cormorant Island”, “Escape From The Flashback”, “Incantations”.

Rate: (7½).


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