Richard Von Sabeth – The King Of Nothing (CD Album – Rehab Records & B-Music)

By Jul 1,2018

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Genre/Influences: Cabaret-gothic, goth-pop.

Background/Info: Behind Richard Von Sabeth is hiding Riccardo Sabetti (Spiral 69). “The King Of Nothing” is the debut album of this Italian artist who has been inspired by horror movies from the 90s and atmospheres from Eastern-Europe.

Content: It’s pretty difficult to really seize what this artist has tried to accomplish. The songs mix elements of cabaret, gothic and pop. It’s an eclectic work supported by deep atmospheres of sorrow. A few songs are much more into ‘classical’-pop and even make me think to IAMX with some lyrical passages reminding  me of Placebo. Both last songs are already different like revealing a more artistic approach.

+ + + : Melancholia seems to have been the muse to this album. Richard Von Sabeth has achieved a very personal and diversified piece of pop music, which has been mixed with different influences. There also is something authentic in the production. I like the songs “Kiss Your Darkness” and “Agony” for reminding me a bit of IAMX while “Death Motel” and “Fall” both are real beautiful and poignant songs.

– – – : I think this album is just missing a few little details to speak about a real masterpiece. There’s maybe a little bit too much diversity between the songs, but globally speaking this work is a nice surprise.

Conclusion: I like artists trying to compose something different from the usual standards. That’s precisely what this album is all about. It’s hard to label although revealing great and beautiful songs.

Best songs: “Kiss Your Darkness”, “Death Motel”, “Agony”.

Rate: (7½).

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