Planet://Damage – Angst/Snapshots Of A Surveillance Manifesto (CD EP – Two Gods)

By Jul 1,2018

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Genre/Influences: Minimal-electro, EBM, experimental.

Background/Info: Bari Máriusz is a Hungarian artist active as Planet://Damage. After a few released EP’s he now unleashed his debut CD-album on Two Gods (label of Martin Bowes from Attrition). This is a kind of compilation featuring 2 previously released EP’s.

Content: “Angst/Snapshots Of A Surveillance Manifesto” is electronic music exploring minimal sound treatments featuring deep, resonating bass lines, dark atmospheres, raw piano-like arrangements, intelligent bleeping sequences and a real cool vintage touch. The work sometimes reminds me of Attrition and that’s maybe not a coincidence as Martin Bowes did some additional production (while he mixed the album as well).

The vocals don’t have an important place on this work and yet they’re an essential item. From robotic vocal parts to guest vocals, this work is quite diversified in multiple aspects of the production.

There also is an interesting list of remixes featuring Attrition, Black Nail Cabaret, Lhasa Mencur, The Mercy Cage, Haujobb and First Aid 4 Souls (compatriot of Planet://Damage). The last song is a live “ambient” version of “Angst”.

+ + + : I like the sound intelligence of this musician. The songs have been meticulously crafted and achieved with a real great retro approach. It’s an ultra dark production carried by low bass lines and great synth leads. I also noticed an interesting and somewhat psychedelic lead running through “Firewalls”. Another noticeable element is the robotic vocals. Last, but not least there’s an interesting selection of remixers and I here especially enjoyed the work done by Lhasa Mencur and First Aid 4 Souls.

– – – : Intelligent music always remains a kind of challenge.  The minimal approach is far away from the usual electronic standards often driven by dark-electro and EBM cliché formations. So it will be not easy for this project to get more recognition.

Conclusion: This is a real interesting release, which will appeal for all fine-tasters of electronic music. This is a project with an own sound and a personal approach in electro underground music. I hope to hear more from this band!

Best songs: “Firewalls”, “The Mark”, “Firewalls – First Aid 4 Souls Remix”, “The Mark – Lhasa Mencur Remix”, “The Mark – Attrition Remix”.

Rate: (8).

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