Psihokratija – Eight Wanderings Of The Soul (Album – Young And Cold Music)

By Jun 26,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro, dark-wave.

Format: Digital, Vinyl.

Background/Info: Psihokratija was originally set up in the late 80s in Yugoslavia (today Serbia). After several changes in the line-up and a split, the project got reactivated. Core members Gorjan Krstić and Zoran Petrović are still on board and joined hands together with Young & Cold Music to unleash this new opus.

Content: You’ll rapidly recognize the 80s spirit running through the work. This is synch music carried by danceable rhythms. The songs are achieved with melody lines, but some songs are still boosted by aggressive sequences. The first part (A side) of the album sounds more hesitant compared to the second part (B side). There you’ll hear harder cuts with an explicit 80s touch. Some of the first songs are more into emotional passages. The vocals are all sung in English getting the work more accessible.

+ + + : The sensible/emotional side of the work sounds fine, but especially with the melody line on top from “Mercyful Dreamer”. I however prefer the final part of the album and the songs “Stormy Days” and “Rob Your Mind”. Both songs are clearly inspired by 80s electro-wave music, but they also have feature an extra kicking aspect the other songs don’t have. Both songs are well-crafted revealing a truly potential.

– – – : This album reveals some great ideas and cool songs, but some songs are missing the little details to speak about a fully successful opus. Especially the first part could be more convincing. 

Conclusion: Psihokratija totally fits with the approach and music taste of Young And Cold Records, but “Eight Wanderings Of The Soul” is not exactly what I would call the referential album of the label.

Best songs: “Stormy Days”, “Rob Your Mind”, “Mercyful Dreamer”.

Rate: (6½).


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