Persephone – Perle (CD Album – Trisol)

By Mar 10,2018

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Genre/Influences: Cabaret-gothic, neo-classic, experimental, jazzy.

Background/Info: L’Âme Immortelle singer Sonja Kraushofer doesn’t need an introduction, but some of you maybe don’t remember she also got involved with a side-project called Persephone. Four albums got released in between 2002 and 2007. Persephone has now been reactivated after a hiatus of 11 years. Sonja Kraushofer got the help from ex-Janus member Martin Höfert who took care of the composition and production. “Perle” has been inspired by the novel “Die Andere Seite” from Alfred Kubin.

Content: “Perle” is an opportunity to rediscover the sound of Persephone although a few things have changed after this long silence. Sonja’s angelic timbre of voice hasn’t really changed although she reveals certain vulnerability making the charm of the work. She sometimes reminds me a bit of Kate Bush although joined by a totally different type of music. The composition fits with this fragile expression and also reveals a delicate expression accentuated by some violin passages. From cabaret towards baroque and even a jazzy passage, “Perle” covers different, but related genres.

+ + + : This album caught my attention for its inspiration of Alfred Kubin. This Austrian artist is one of my personal favorite painters from the Symbolic movement, which in countries like Belgium and Austria revealed real famous artists. I didn’t know the novel Persephone has been inspired by, but the link with Kubin touched me. Persephine strikes back with her natural grace and an elegant production covering different sources of inspiration. It’s a very personal and minimal-like composition revealing a truly chemistry between the vocals of Sonja Kraushofer and the music composed by Martin Höfert. I like the twist between guitar parts and classical intonation by harpsichord sounds and real violin play (by a guest artist). This is a great album to listen to and dream away. Last, but not least, the artwork has been accomplished by Joachim Luetke who’s a real genius in his oeuvre and you might have discovered by the artwork he did for Sopor Aeternus.

– – – : This album must bring Persephone back in the spotlight, which is not an easy thing after such a long absence. It also is an album more to listen to instead of music to dance on.

Conclusion: Persephone stands for the truest sense of artistic creation. This album simply is about the love for arts!

Best songs: “Summer Rain”, “Dreamland Of Mine”, “Dig A Little Deeper”.

Rate: (8).

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