Pandoria – Crush (EP – Infacted Recordings)

By Jul 31,2020

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Genre/Influences: EBM.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Pandoria is a new and rather surprising band. This is a brand new duo featuring Stephan Tesch (Paranoid) and Orange Sector singer Martin Bodewell. We in a way can speak about the return of Paranoid and I guess it’s not a coincidence  Pandoria is an anagram of Paranoid. “Crush” features the title song plus six remixes.

Content: “Crush” sounds like a truly resurrection of Paranoid. The global sound treatments, but especially the bass line brings this 90s German EBM combo alive. The main difference is Martin Bodewell singing, but he of course is a veteran in the genre. The song has a rather catchy tune, you’ll easily keep in mind.

Remixes have been done by Frozen Plasma, Digital Energy, Wellencocktail, Angriffspakt and Rob Dust (with 2 remixes).

+ + + : “Crush” is a great song, which will rapidly contaminate your mind. It also has this good-old Paranoid touch driven by a solid bass line while the catchy chorus makes it simply irresistible. And the more you’ll hear the song, the more difficult it will be to start listen to it again and again. The remixes are adding some diversity to the original edit. I especially recommend the first “Rob Dust Remix” with vocals (the second is an instrumental edit) for the high danceable energy emerging from this version. Another great remix is the one by Digital Energy, which sounds pretty catchy.

– – – : We only get one single song and even if it’s a great one, I prefer waiting for more stuff to really get an idea about Pandoria.

Conclusion: “Crush” is nothing less than an earworm! This is a great debut song for Pandoria!

Best songs: “Crush – Single Version”, “Crush – Rob Dust Remix”, “Crush – Digital Energy Remix”.

Rate: (8½).


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