Ost+Front – Dein Helfer In Der Not (Album – Out Of Line)

By Sep 30,2020

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-metal, crossover.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.

Background/Info: Active since 2008 Out-front this year unleashed their fifth studio album. The work is available in different formats; from the regular album (CD) to a double CD featuring a disc with remixes to a double vinyl edition to a box for the fans.

Content: I always have experienced Out+Front as one of the numerous German Ramstein copies and this album will not change my point of view. Ost+Front stands for industrial/metal power driven by furious guitars, German lyrics, image and provocation, but still some sense of humor. They want to be a mirror of our society and that’s precisely what this album is all about. Most of the tracks are into pure adrenaline and energy, but other cuts are going to make you laugh. “Honka Honka” is the perfect example of a song that might appeal for resthouse people although it also has something metal and menacing-like.

+ + + : I definitely prefer the ‘classical’ Ost+Front songs like the violent “Ikarus” and “Schwarzer Helmut” for their energy, and especially the great twist between furious guitar playing, fast forward rhythms and aggressive vocals while some electronic arrangements totally complete the songs. This is the German band at its best and no matter if they’re clearly inspired by Rammstein. There’s something elevating emerging from the choruses. But the album also reveals a few softer and even emotional passages with refined arrangements. I have to mention “Was Einmal War” as an attention grabber. The female backing vocal is the last element I want to mention, injecting a sensual touch to the work while getting some harmony with the harsh male vocals.

– – – : Ost+Front will always remain a copy of Rammstein and that’s a pity as they’re quite famous in their homeland, but less recognized abroad. Some of the ‘funny’ songs bring some diversity, but can’t really convince me.

Conclusion: There’s always much to say about Ost+Front, but I have to admit they always compose music with bollocks!

Best songs: “Ikarus”, “Schwarzer Helmut”, “Geld Geld Geld”, “Was Einmal War”.

Rate: (8).

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