Orphx – Learn To Suffer (Vinyl 12” – Sonic Groove)

By Dec 24,2018

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-techno, IDM.

Background/Info: “Learn To suffer” is the first real new work since the last Orphx-album “Pitch Black Mirror” (2016, Hands). Canadian duo Rich Oddie – Christina Sealey moved back to Sonic Groove (label of Adam X) to unleash four new cuts.

Content: “Learn To Suffer” is clearly inspired –and taken, by the live performances of Orphx. This is music for the dancefloors! But it once more reveals the sound intelligence of this duo. Sophisticated songs revealing elements of IDM, industrial music and even EBM are carried by solid dance beats. Orphx reveals their most danceable ‘techno’ side while the last song sounds more ‘classical’ although very dark and bouncing.

+ + + : Orphx is not reinventing their sound, but they seem to be in a constant progress. The songs are elaborated and achieved with great sound intelligence. The opening cut “Solipsist” is a perfect example showing this sound approach and which even reminds me a bit of Frontline Assembly (which they recently remixed). On “Bare Life” they’re injecting something EBM to their work while “Pain Is A Teacher” sounds rougher and even a bit Esplendor Geometrico-like. You get 4 brilliant songs without a single remix!

– – – : I don’t have any minus point about this genius EP, but I just can imagine early Orphx fans would not be that enthusiast about this kind of productions.

Conclusion: Orphx is one of those bands, which even throughout the years never stops to improve their sound. They’re truly sound wizards reflecting an avant-garde vision of industrial-techno music.

Best songs: “Tröma Nakmo”, “Bare Life”, “Solipsist”, “Pain Is A Teacher”.

Rate: (9).

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