Opera Multi Steel – Apparences De L’Invisible + Au Fief Des Rémanences (DCD Album – Meidosem Records)

By Jan 29,2019

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Genre/Influences: Gothic, dark-wave.

Background/Info: This double album features a re-edition of the album “Apparences De L’Invisible” originally released in 2014 (the previous studio work of OMS) and the new work “Au Fief Des Rémanencesé”. Notice by the way the new album is also available on vinyl..

Content: There’s less to say about “Apparences De L’Invisible”. It remains a typical OMS work revealing French sung songs. The lyrics are poetic and dealing with desolate themes. It’s dark and dreamy music.

The new work “Au Fief Des Rémanencesé reveals a band in good shape. The sound has evolved over the years, becoming more melodic and electro-wise, but still faithful to the original sound of the band. You still will find this artistic harmony between electronic structures and authentic instruments.

+ + + : I can”t say OMS has reinvented their sound, but they clearly have evolved and unleash a more electro- and melodic work than ever before. I like the alteration between electro-driven passages and folk-goth inspired parts. Sometimes into a kind of ‘chanson’-genre and next into pure reverie, the album is a truly accomplishment from a band with a unique sound- and song approach.

– – – : I always have missed some kind of passion in the way of singing, but at the other side it also accentuates the lyrical content. OMS is into poetry, using beautiful words and sentences, but the style is sometimes a bit too pompous.

Conclusion: Opera Multi Steel seems to be not really affected by the weight of time or the less of inspiration. Both albums together reveal a band that has evolved with time while holding on their sound.

Best songs:  “Mirage Fatidique”, “Infini Sidéral”, “Plus Qu’Imparfait Du Suggestif” + “Le Coup De Grâce”, “L’Emotionnel”, “Les Litanies”.  

Rate: (7).


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