OnlyFans suspends decision to ban explicit content: sex is all good again, music too of course

By Aug 26,2021

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Musicians preferred over sex workers on OnlyFans - platform to bar sexually explicit videos starting in October

OnlyFans has suspended its decision to ban sexually explicit content. The decision comes after it received a big backlash over the planned policy change we reported about a few days ago. The backlash comes, surprise, from the porn content publishers on its platform. The backlash was not only verbally either, in response to the planned policy change, several content creators had already deleted their OnlyFans accounts and moved to alternate services.

In a press message OnlyFans says they “have secured assurances necessary to support our diverse creator community and have suspended the planned October 1 policy change, OnlyFans stands for inclusion and we will continue to provide a home for all creators.” Sex as an inclusion tool, why not.

But instead of inclusion, it’s probably the fact that changes are no longer required due to banking partners’ assurances that OnlyFans can support all genres of creators. Money remains the best negociator of course.

OnlyFans was founded in 2016 and has over 130 million registered users and more than 2 million content creators.


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