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By Mar 4,2018

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Genre/Influences: Shoegaze, dream-pop, experimental-pop, electroclash.

Background/Info: Kurt Uenala is a Swiss born New-Yorker who’s already involved in music for a while, but this debut full length will be for sure the opportunity for numerous people to discover the man’s work. He invited a few famous guests to sing on his music. I’m here referring to his friend Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode), Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Big Pink and Shannon Funchess.

Content: “Cryosleep” covers different music genres. From a shoegaze & dream-like opener towards dreamy tracks towards an electroclash inspired cut to softer and easy listening pop cuts reminding me of Everything But The Girl to the song featuring Dave Gahan, which makes me think of an experimental exposure of Depeche Mode, this work sounds a bit as a compilation instead of the album from one artist.

+ + + : The album is diversified, but Kurt Uenala sounds definitely comfortable dealing with different music genres. I really like his technoid & electroclash-like “Asphalt Kiss”, and also “Where I Wait” featuring Dave Gahan is a great piece of music. “Take It Easy” is another cool cut and is featuring The Big Pink, which might appeal to fans of Everything But The Girl. The songs with guests are definitely a worth to listen. Another noticeable one features the sexy vocals of Shannon Funchess.

– – – : The diversity also is the main problem with this opus, which as I already mentioned sounds more like a compilation. Null + Void maybe focused too much on composing songs for his guest singers instead of searching for a very personal music genre.

Conclusion: “Cryosleep” has something atypical and hard to seize although it’s a sexy and exciting piece of music featuring a few cool cuts.

Best songs: “Asphalt Kiss”, “Where I Wait feat. Dave Gahan”, “Hands Bound feat. Shannon Funchess”, “Into The Void”.

Rate: (7½).

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