Nordvargr – The Secret Barbarous Names (CD Album – Tumor/Malignant Records)

By Jun 20,2017

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, ritual.

Background/Info: Henrik Nordvargr Björkk is one of those musicians who doesn’t need any further introduction. From his EBM work under the Pouppée Fabrikk moniker towards his multiple dark-ambient, industrial and neo-folk projects, he now strikes back as ‘Nordvargr’ releasing a very poignant and frightening work.

Content: The album found its inspiration in ‘the hidden meanings of the countless manuscripts that have been kept secret for millennia’. The vocals have been inspired by Draconian and Typhonian traditions and that’s an important aspect of the work, which will carry you away on sonic trip of angst and hidden mysteries. Nordvargr has accomplished an extremely dark work, which is characterized by deep, vibrating sounds and voices.

You get the impression of hearing mantras performed by evil forces. The resonating sounds sometimes joined by a few drones are hard-hitting and appealing the listener to face his darkest demons. This work is pure ‘cellar’-music, which because of the particular vocals are moving on the edge of dangerous ritual music.

+ + + : I mostly like the work of this great artist, and this album is something different. I consider “The Secret Barberous Names” as a truly master piece revealing overwhelming, deep vibrating sound waves and vocal parts, which can’t leave you unmoved. The vocals are creating a dark and frightening atmosphere, revealing this ritual aspect. The visual strength of this record is amazing and will not leave you unaffected.

– – – : When you’re facing a masterpiece you don’t really imagine any single negative point. Skeptical minds will maybe complain about any possible similarity between all cuts, but you don’t hear me complain.

Conclusion: When you consider Nordvargr is an artist already active since the late 80s it simply is impressive to see he can still compose such a masterpiece! Respect Mr. Henrik Nordvargr Björkk! This work is poignant testimony of your creative genius and definitely a legacy for further generations of dark-ambient musicians!

Best songs: “Lunar Kala Soma”, “Mantra For Ur-Hekau”, “Chandrakala”, “Closing Of The Gates”.

Rate: (9).

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