Dødsmaskin – Fullstendig Brent (CD Album – Tumor/Malignant Records)

By Jun 20,2017

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Genre/Influences: Noise-ambient, industrial, neo-classic.

Background/Info: Dødsmaskin is one of the newest signings to the American Malignant Records roster. It’s a Norwegian project set up in 2014. The debut album is inspired by the witch trials in Norway during the 17th Century.

Content: The work features 5 songs supported with terror noises. Dødsmaskin invites the listener to embark for a dark sonic trip mixing dark-ambient elements together with noise waves and neo-classic inspired arrangements. The songs have been meticulously built up, progressively reaching a truly sound cataclysm while accentuated by numerous female screams of horror. Some passages move into an approximate ritual experience.

+ + + : “Fullstendig Brent” is a masterpiece! Dødsmaskin has found the right balance between different elements, but I’m especially impressed by the way Noise has been transformed into a poignant and even transcendental format. Several songs move towards a real sonic climax and I especially want to recommend “Christoffer Orning” which is close to sound perfection. The album has been built up with familiar sound elements, but crafted with a real creative spirit. The tracks also are darker than the night and you rapidly feel disturbed. The haunting screams of pain and horror are perfectly symbolizing the vision of witches on a pyre. Next to the heavy elements of industrial music and noise there also is this totally surprising and somewhat neo-classic minded touch. It sounds melancholic and sad (especially the piano-like passages), but perfectly fitting with the global spirit of this work.

– – – : I don’t see any negative points in this work!

Conclusion: Dødsmaskin is a formation that took me by surprise! I’m not saying it’s a kind of revelation, but for sure one of the most accomplished and creative albums in ‘dark’ music I’ve heard since quite a long time ago now!

Best songs: “Christoffer Orning”, “De Ti – 1621”, “Dømt På Sitt Liv Til Ild Og Bål”.

Rate: (9).


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