NNHMN – Shadow In The Dark (Mini Album – Zoharum)

By May 22,2020

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Genre/Influences: Minimal-electronics, experimental.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl, Cassette.

Background/Info: The German duo Lee & Laudarg released their newest work, “Shadows In The Dark” during the last hours of 2019. NNHMN (NoNHuMaN) previously released the brilliant album “Church Of No Religion” while they now return with six new tracks –plus a bonus track on the CD edit. Next to the digital format, this work has been released on CD by Zoharum, on vinyl (12”) by Oráculo Records and on cassette by K-Dreams Records.

Content: The global approach remains pretty similar to “Church Of No Religion”. It’s nearly impossible to define the music of NNHMN, which consists of different influences the duo meticulously brought together. This work is less trance- and industrial like, but digging deeper into minimal electro fields. It even has an old-school electro touch, which you’ll hear in the dry snare drums and electro treatments. Some sound treatments running through “Scars” reminds me of the great “Geography”-album of Front 242. The sensual vocals on top of the songs remain one of the band’s main characteristics. 

+ + + : NNHMN simply confirms their potential and fine taste to create original electronic music. Music and vocals together are still in perfect harmony, but they’re mainly complementary. I like the sensuality of the vocals and the minimalism of the music. The sound is characterized by some vintage treatments and alluring bass lines. On top of it all you’ll notice cool effects and studio manipulations. The sounds are icy, but the songs are hot to dance on!

– – – : The single song that couldn’t convince me is the bonus track from the CD-version. It’s an experimental version of the title song, which doesn’t sound as the most inspiring one. 

Conclusion: NNHMN makes me think of a modern version of Chris & Cosey! Great electro-minimalism from modern times and even better than the previously released album.

Best songs: “Scars”, “Shadow In The Dark”,  “Vampire”, “Der Unweise”.

Rate: (9).


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