New Croc Shop album ‘Perpetual Sequence’ to be released in early March

By Feb 25,2021

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New Croc Shop album'Perpetual Sequence' to be released in early March

“Perpetual Sequence” is the 9th full-length album by Croc Shop, featuring long time members Mick Hale and vMarkus. “Perpetual Sequence” will be released by Metropolis Records on March 5th, 2021 through all digital and streaming formats.

The duo went for a post-electro, pop and synth-rock approach on these 11 tracks with occasional nods to their goth-rock and electro-industrial origins.

Here’s the video for “Silver”.

About Croc Shop

Crocodile Shop (later simply Croc Shop) was originally conceived in a flat above a record shop in Berlin Germany in 1987 by Mick Hale and R. A. Werner after they ended their previous new wave project, Mod Fun. The band, inspired by the “darker” post-punk sounds of Joy Division, New Order, Wire, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and The Jesus and Mary Chain, released their debut album in 1988 which was produced by Dave Fielding of the Chameleons UK.

Eventually, the band would slowly abandon the “guitar goth” sound, first replacing their drummer with a drum machine, releasing the Red Lorry Yellow Lorry influenced “Measure By Measure” EP and then finally with the addition of keyboard player V. Markus, (who was influenced by the likes of Front 242, Laibach and Nitzer Ebb), they turned to an entirely electronic-based outfit which was clearly audible on the fully electro-industrial sounding EP “Technological Optimism”.

Crocodile Shop’s debut on CD came about in 1993 with the release of the album “Celebrate the Enemy” on Tinman Records. In 1995, Crocodile Shop signed to Metropolis Records. The bandname change happend in 2002 when they started operating under the shortened name Croc Shop.

Here’s the band’s album discography:

  • Head – 12″ (1987) Susstones Records
  • Lullaby – 12″ LP (1988) Susstones Records
  • Measure By Measure – 7″ EP Susstones Records
  • Technological Optimism – 12″ EP DAMn! (
  • Celebrate the Enemy – LP (1993) Danse Assembly Productions • CD (1994) Tinman Records
  • Crush Your Enemies – CD (1995) Tinman Records
  • Beneath – CD Album (1996) Metropolis • CD Album (1997) Out of Line
  • Metalwerks – CD EP (1997) Out of Line/Semaphore
  • Pain – CD Album (1997) Metropolis • CD Album (1997) Out of Line, Sub/Mission Records • 2xCD Ltd. Edition (1997) Out of Line, Sub/Mission Records/SPV
  • Soviet – CD Ltd. Edition (1998) Tinman Records
  • Everything is Dead and Gone – CD Album (1999) Metropolis
  • Order + Joy – CD Album (2000) Metropolis
  • Wrong – CD Maxi (2000) DAMn! (
  • World – CD Album (2002) Metropolis
  • Translated – CD EP (2003) DAMn! (
  • CROC_SHOP.SEA (Self Extracting Archive) – 2xCD (2004) DAMn! (
  • “Resist!” – Digital Album (2020) DAMn! (croc

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