Die Krupps – Vision 2020 Vision (CD Album – SPV GmbH – Oblivion / Metropolis)

By Jan 15,2020

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, crossover, electro & metal. 

Background/Info: Die Krupps will be celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2020! Before this celebration they’ve closed out 2019 with a new album featuring thirteen new songs, available in different formats (CD, vinyl and of course digital). 

Content: The ‘2020 vision’ of Die Krupps consists of a sound formula the band is now dealing with for numerous years. They remain driven by EBM treatments empowered with furious guitar playing. The sound is a meticulous synthesis of genres, but in the end it all remains industrial or metal driven electronics. Upper priest Jürgen Engler’s vocals feel enraged; singing as if possessed he boosted the work with his charisma. One of the most surprising cuts is the Genesis cover of “The Carpet Crawlers”. 

+ + + : The album is characterized by an astonishing debut part. Die Krupps remind us why they remain a leading formation; mixing EBM bass lines together with phenomenal guitar riffs the album is really exploding on the title track, but also on “Welcome To The Blackout” and “Wolfen – Her Pack”. The album is not just a powerful outburst, but also a polished production mainly emerging from the electronic arrangements. You’ll realize it when discovering the melodic passage running through “DestiNation Doomsday”. That brings me also to say a word about the critical content of the lyrics where Die Krupps is clearly sharing a dystopian vision about the world we’re living in. 

– – – : I noticed a few less exciting cuts, which also are the less powerful parts from the album. The somewhat cinematic cover version of Genesis’ “The Carpet Crawlers” is one of these cuts. 

Conclusion: Die Krupps is still alive and kicking, which might announce an exciting 2020 to celebrate their 40th anniversary!

Best songs: “Vision 2020 Vision”, “Welcome To The Total Blackout”, “Wolfen – Her Pack”, “DestiNation Doomsday”, “Allies”. 

Rate: (8).

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