Motor!k – Motor!k (CD Album – Out Of Line)

By Sep 1,2019

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Genre/Influences: Krautrock, psychedelic-rock, experimental.

Background/Info: Motor!k is one of the newest signings from Out Of Line and definitely one of the most surprising ones. We all know Out Of Line is no longer a ‘pure’ electronic underground label, but has opened its sonic horizon during the past few years. Motor!k is a Belgian trio featuring Joeri Dobbeleir  (guitar and synths), Dries D’Hollander (drums) and last, but not least Dirk Ivens (guitar and effects). Dirk Ivens (Dive, The Klinik, Absolute Body Control, Sonbar ao) indeed is going back to his early ‘love’ to play guitar while this band is inspired by 70s krautock! This album has been released on cassette format by Wool-E Discs while Out Of Line took care for the CD and vinyl formats.  

Content: The work features 6 cuts so in the end it’s more like a mini-album. All songs are instrumentals revealing certain harmony between guitars, electronics and  drums. The sound is rather dark and often moves into psychedelic passages.

+ + + : This work is something like a challenge, but krautrock seems to become ‘hot’ again. After Daniel B. who’s fully experimenting with the genre and other less familiar artists, it’s now up to Dirk Ivens together with a completely new formation to start the experiment. I especially enjoyed the opening song “Static”, which is progressively evolving towards a truly apotheosis of guitars and electronic effects. It’s quite interesting to see this move back to krautrock as in a way it sounds refreshing although very old-school like. The guitar playing and especially the sensation it creates is really important for this kind of music and that’s precisely one of this band’s main strengths. 

– – – : The opening track is great, but all other cuts left can’t really give me a similar feeling.

Conclusion: You sometimes have to get back to somewhat forgotten music genres to create a refreshing effect. I’m not saying krautrock is totally back, but it all looks like the genre is starting a second life.

Best songs: “Static”, “Stellar”, “Colder”.

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