Combichrist – One Fire (CD Album – Out Of Line)

By Sep 2,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, electro-metal.

Background/Info: Combichrist once started as a solo- and side-project of Icon Of Coil singer Andy La Plegua. There where the early work sounded rough and electro-industrial like Combichrist progressively started to explore different sonic paths. Andy started to work with other members and the songs became driven by guitar. “One Fire” is the ninth full length for the Norwegian artist who’s now based in the USA. “One Fire” is available in different formats (CD, digital, vinyl) and also in a limited edition box set featuring a bonus CD with extra songs plus another CD with remixes.

Content: “On Fire” is a work, which perfectly summarize the career and move in influences from the early electro productions towards the merciless, metal driven works. It all started with the heavy and metal-side of the band, which sometimes moves on the edge of hardcore at “Guns At Last Dawn” featuring Fear Factory singer Burton C. Bell. It progressively moves towards the ‘roots’ of the band with some pure electro-driven cuts. You also will recognize the cover version of Dead Kennedys “California Über Alles” and the more epic-industrial chanson-like “Bottle Of Pain”.

+ + + : Combichrist is a band without limits. There’s no real compromise, but Andy La Plegua simply seems to do what he likes. That can only explain the diversity of the work, which is a truly sonic merge between real heavy metal-industrial cuts and great electronic songs. I’ve always been more into their harsh electro-approach revealed at “Last Days Under The Sun”,  “Lobotomy” and even the title song. But there’s also something to say about the harder metal-orientated songs and especially “Hate Like Me” and “Understand”. The Dead Kennedys cover version is pure fun and for sure a live-song.

– – – : “One Fire” is probably the most versatile work of the band, like mixing all different influences together. I’m not sure the electro-heads will like the metal-minded cuts while industrial/metal freaks will maybe not be ravished with the electro songs.

Conclusion: Combichrist remains a very unique experience, mixing different genres and songs all together on one album.

Best songs: “Last Days Under The Sun”, “Understand”, “One Fire”, “Hate Like Me”, “California Über Alles”.

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