Mario Grönnert / Mondfish – In Two Seas (Digital Album – Mario Grönnert / Mondfish)

By Nov 13,2015

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Genre/Influences: Ambient, cinematographic.

Mario Grönnert - MondfishContent: “In Two Seas” is a split album between ambient artists Mario Grönnert (Germany) and Mondfish (Japan). Mario Grönnert has already been active for a couple of years now while Mondfish is a rather new name in the genre.

We’re quite versed in dark-ambient music at Side-Line and even though these projects are not that into dark atmospheres, their work is supported by a mysterious touch.

Mario Grönnert takes off featuring 2 compositions, which sounds like it is entering into a relaxing space universe of prosperity. It’s the kind of music that would perfectly fit to relaxation. It’s pure electronic while it seems that Grönnert also likes to incorporate field recordings, but it’s hard to find these in his new work. This is a pure dreamy exposure of ambient music carried by extended sound waves.

The work of Mondfish is not that different, holding on to the astral sensation. I have to admit that the 3 compositions are not that darker, but it remains delicate and into pure sound reverie. The cinematographic impression is still very present and sometimes reminds me of the fantastic Philip Glass who’s more than simply a reference when it comes to ambient music. I like the delicacy running through “Euphoria” while “Hidden Pieces” features a small psychedelic input with some guitar playing.

Conclusion: “In Two Seas” will appeal to lovers of peaceful ambient music. This is an accomplished composition revealing complementary artists who’ll leave you with a sensation of mindfulness.

Best songs: “…And Strange Horizons”, “Slowdiver”.

Rate: (DP:7)DP.



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