Marc Houle launches video for ‘Gratiot’

By Aug 5,2021

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Marc Houle launches video for'Gratiot'

Last month, Canadian techno producer Marc Houle released his latest EP “Gratiot” via Sound of Berlin, between experimental house and minimal techno. Note that Marc Houle generally releases his material on his imprint Items & Things. Out now is the video for the single’s title track “Gratiot”.

The track is taken from the Sound of Berlin Documentary score that Marc has signed in 2018. The documentary showed interviews with some of Berlin’s most prominent figures in the scene.

Here is the video for “Gratiot”.

About Marc Houle

Marc Houle is a Canadian producer of electronic music. Houle came to fame under his first album, “Bay of Figs”, which was released on Minus. He created his own record label Items & Things with fellow Minus friends, Magda and Troy Pierce.

Houle was largely inspired by the Detroit techno and Chicago house scene as well as industrial and new wave music, and the first generation of video games that championed electronic sounds. He often describes his sound as a cross between the two cities, Chicago and Detroit.

Some of his other influences include Prince, Depeche Mode, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden.


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