Lux Kablage – Oossoo (Digital Album – Reverse Alignment)

By Mar 1,2016

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Genre/Influences: Soundscape, abstract, experimental.

Lux KablageBackground/Info: Behind Lux Kablage is hiding a solo-project set up by Swedish artist Jesper Olsson. “Oossoo” is the 2nd album by Lux Kablage.

Content: Lux Kablage invites listeners to start a mysterious journey through their own imagination. This is the kind of ambient work, which is pretty abstract. It’s a sonic patchwork made of field recordings and crescendo sound waves bringing you into a weird and undefined dimension.

There’s less variation although there are some little sonic details, which you can better discover by using headphones or playing the record at a louder volume to really catch the essence and the visual power of the work.

+ + + : To listen and especially to enjoy this work you have to disconnect yourself from your ‘action modus’ to fully catch the obscure power emerging from the writing.

– – – : This is not what I would call an ‘easy’ work, which I’m afraid will be cherished by a restricted number of dark music lovers.

Conclusion: Lux Kablage exposes the mind to a dangerous experience where you possibly will encounter your darkest and most perverted side. The subtle aspect of the album is hidden behind little things.

Best songs: “And Our Golden Monument Sank Into Depravation”, “Devasted Upon The Hills”.

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