Ludovico Technique release new music video ‘Embrace’

By Mar 2,2021

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Ludovico Technique release new music video'Embrace'

The gothic/industrial metal act Ludovico Technique have released their new music video and single “Embrace”. This is the band’s third single released from their forthcoming full-length album “Haunted People.”

The band’s sounds keeps evolving, whereas originally they used influences from industrial bands such as Skinny Puppy, now, Ludovico Technique started also incorporating elements from such bands like Type O Negative and Rob Zombie.

The music video for “Embrace” can be seen below, you can find the track on all streaming platforms right here.

About Ludovico Technique

The band was formed in 2005 and launched it’s first release in 2007, which was a self titled EP. That EP was re-released and extended in 2010. It was followed by their debut album “Some Things Are Beyond Therapy” in 2012 which released by Metropolis Records. The year after they completed and released the follow-up album “We Came to Wreck Everything”.

After that it became a bit silent around the band until 2017 when a new EP “Absence” got released again on Metropolis. In 2020 the track “Live As Myself” was launched followed by the tracks “Up To The Flames” and now “Embrace”. The new material has been self-released.


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