LPF12 – Million Mile Memory (EP – LPF12)

By Apr 19,2020

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Genre/Influences: IDM, ambient, minimal-electro, experimental.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: This EP –which rather appears to be a mini-album, must have been the last creative exposure of German solo-artist Sascha Lemon for 2019. This prolific artist has already released this new record in the purest DIY style.

Content: LPF12 reveals 5 new songs, which are mixing the different influences from the past few years. There’s a strong ambient sound connotation accentuated by astral sound treatments. We also get a more experimental exposure (cf.  “Do Not Care To Understand”) while the last track is probably one of the most dance-orientated ones in this project’s history. It’s a fusion between industrial sound treatments and electronic intelligence.

+ + + : I like the relaxing passages of this work, which especially on “Simplicity” have been achieved with detailed- and subtle sound treatments. LPF12 stands for delicacy on the ‘ambient’-driven cuts, but also for harder, danceable vibes on “Alternate”. I also like this work because it’s featuring 5 different songs, this way avoiding the easy remixing formula.

– – – : I’m not convinced by the experimental cut “Do Not Care To Understand”.

Conclusion: LPF12 remains an interesting project, which on every new work features a few cool surprises. So if you’re intelligent electronics, you better give it a try!

Best songs: “Alternate”, “Simplicity”, “Roadsigns”.

Rate: (7½).

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