Nermi – In The Creation (Digital EP – Aliens Production)

By Dec 17,2019

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Genre/Influences: Epic, cinematographic.

Background/Info: Nermi is one of the newest signing to Aliens Production. This is a Russian solo-project driven by Max Ignatev. This is the musician’s debut work features five tracks.

Content: “In The Creation” is a truly orchestral/epic composition, which from the very first notes and arrangements reveals an overwhelming sound production. The epic influences are constantly running through the tracks, which are instrumentals, although sometimes mixed with epic chants. There are some elements in the composition reminding me of the cinematic compositions of Juno Reactor. I here refer to the impressive orchestral approach.

+ + + : Nermi is clearly enlarging the sonic horizon of Aliens Production. It injects some innovation to the label, but it also is an impressive sound production characterized by overwhelming sound atmospheres. The opening piece “Gadreel” is simply phenomenal. But I also have to mention “The Storm Begins”, which is somewhat more into tribal rhythms, but the way this composition moves to a crescendo till reaching its ultimate point is absolutely brilliant. This is intelligent cinematic music reflecting great writing skills and maturity. 

– – – : All the tracks are pretty short and that’s a pity because you want to hear more.

Conclusion: This new Aliens Production project sounds a bit ‘out of the box’, nevertheless it’s a real discovery and I hope to hear more stuff from Nermi.

Best songs: “The Storm Begins”, “Gadreel”, “Last Battle”.

Rate: (8).

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