Lisfrank – The Human (Album – FinalMuzik / St.An.Da.)

By Jul 19,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electronic, electro-wave, minimal-electro, experimental.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Fulvio Guidarelli has been active since 1980. He released productions at irregular basis, stopped with Lisfrank and stuck back, his album being released in 2014 (cf. “Elevator”).

Content: “The Human” moves on there where “Elevator” left off. Lisfrank is an artist with a strong 80s imprint and that’s an aspect that mainly comes through with the vintage synth lines. The songs are diversified, clearly revealing an artist who doesn’t care about styles and labels. His music is minimal, but can touch ground with experimental stuff while harder cuts reminds me of 80s EBM. I still notice elements of electro-pop while another song sounds like the electronic edit of Joy Division. Fulvio Guidarelli’s way of singing can be commanding and charismatic, and also still spoken like.

+ + + : This artist already reveals a great taste for vintage electronic at his previous work and that’s again what I like at “The Human”. From the crescendo going opening track to the pure retro-styled “Feel It (Your Body, My Body)” to the early EBM sound at “I Was Looking For Me” to the surprising dark-like and somewhat Joy Division evoking “Everything Passes”, this album has a lot to offer. The tracklist is varied and the analogue sound treatments get it fascinating.

– – – : When experimenting with such a huge amount of influences and music styles you’ll take the risk of getting a few tracks that don’t totally work or fit. I’m especially referring to some of the most experimental cuts like “The Voices Of Tragedy (Never Forget)” and “Mask’s Solitude”.

Conclusion: Lisfrank remains an interesting experience in retro-electronics.

Best songs: “I Was Looking For Me”, “Everything Passes”, “I Hate”, “Feel It (Your Body, My Body)”.

Rate: (7½).


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