Linear Straight – Roscosmos (Digital Album – Konsequent)

By Mar 7,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-techno, IDM, industrial, EBM.

Background/Info: Belgian DJ/producer/musician Glenn Keteleer is an artist of many talents. We know him in the underground scene for his involvement with The Juggernauts and his solo-project Radical G. Linear Straight is another of his projects, which is more techno driven. The album “Roscosmos” was released at the end of 2018 by the Berlin based Konsequent label.

Content: Linear Straight has gained a serious reputation in the techno scene, but sounds much more than simply techno-music. “Roscosmos” is a fusion between different influences, which are all mixed with techno elements. From complex IDM passages to electro-industrial sound treatments to bombastic arrangements to EBM bass lines to dark groovy sequences, “Roscosmos” covers a wide spectrum of sonic ideas.

+ + + : If Linear Straight is considered to be a techno-artist, he clearly deals with a very personal- and atypical style. I like the diversity of his sound canvas and I have a preference for the IDM touch running through the title track. But I also fully enjoyed the bombastic techno of “Ancient Flute” and the darker approach of the already familiar “Rational Velocity” and “The Year Of The dragon”. Some EBM-driven bass lines are pretty cool as well.

– – – : I sometimes get the impression Glenn Keteleer doesn’t experiment with more EBM elements –and that’s a pity, but on the other side that’s precisely what he’s doing as Radical G.

Conclusion: Linear Straight sounds as techno music for ghosts; dark with some drama and danceable!

Best songs: “Vegen”, “The Year Of The Dragon”, “Roscosmos”, “Rational Velocity”, “Ancient Flute”.

Rate: (8).




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