Lights A.M – Shine Our Lights (EP – Alfa Matrix)

By Apr 21,2020

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Genre/Influences: Ambient-pop,  electro-pop, experimental, cinematographic.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Lights A.M is a new name signed by Alfa Matrix although featuring a familiar musician from the label roster. This new project is driven by Erlend Eilertsen who’s also involved with Essence Of Mind. This project has disappeared from the radar, but we now get something totally different, Lights After Midnight being reintroduced as the exploration of ‘the mysterious, the spiritual and the unknown’. After a self-released debut single (cf. “Lightworker”) in 2018, Alfa Matrix has now released the official debut EP (which more looks like a mini-album) featuring six songs.

Content: Lights A.M has been introduced as a project inspired by some electronic pioneers like Van Gelis, Tangerine Dream and co. The comparison makes sense as a similar astral sound dimension has been recreated. The songs are mainly driven by instrumental passages –vocals being more accessory, taking the listener away on a dreamy voyage to imaginary galaxies. The sound is totally retro-like!

+ + + : This work appears to be a truly challenge. It first of all has nothing in common with Essence Of Mind, while it’s mainly ambient- and cinematographic like. It’s however well-crafted with noticeable sound treatments and detailed arrangements. The best cut comes right at the end and is the already familiar “Lightworker”, which is a little sonic jewel in its genre. I also have to mention “Walking Through The Dark” for its elevating sensation.

– – – : From a pure ‘commercial’ point of view, this EP is a total challenge! This is not exactly music for dancefloors, which is not exactly a point. I however experienced the songs as a bit linear and without a real climax –except “Lightworker”.

Conclusion: Light A.M enlarges the sonic horizon of Alfa Matrix offering an ambient travel to fans of relaxing music.

Best songs: “Lightworker”, “Walking Through The Dark”, “We Are Ready”.

Rate: (7).


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