Synapsyche – Viva Insanity (EP – Alfa Matrix)

By Apr 20,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-electro.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Italian Synapsyche project is back on track unleashing the final chapter from their trilogy based around madness and psychiatry. This last chapter was preceded by the  “Mirror Terror”-EP and the last year released “Praise Of Folly”-album –all released by the band’s new label Alfa Matrix.

Content: “Viva Insanity” features the title song, which is taken from the band’s last album plus 3 new songs. We next get 8 remixes of “Viva Insanity” and a few other familiar cuts like “Who The Fuck Are You Now?” and “They Made Me Do It”.

The sound of Synapsyche remains driven by fast, linear rhythm sections, typical dark-electro trance leads, some guitar riffs and enraged vocals. The new songs are quite in the same line as the album while “Attack” is a cover version  from the American formation  30 Seconds To Mars.

Remixes have been done by Aiboforcen, Technoid, Circumpolar, Antibiosis, Statik Sekt, Schwarzstern, Exemia and T-Error Machinez. The different bands bring diversity to the original songs.

+ + + : If you like dark-electro with melodic leads and harsh vocals, “Viva Insanity” will definitely bring you joy for the dancefloor. I like the diversity of the remixes, but have a preference for the sound intelligence of Aiboforcen and its remix of “Who  The Fuck Are You Now?”. Circumpolar did another great remix of the same song, transposing the original version into a more ambient-like cut. T-Error Machinez has been inspired to transpose this song into a different, but still very danceable piece. Among the new songs I especially recommend “Time Destroys Everything”.

– – – : I’m not a huge fan of Synapsyche, which composes an old-styled and less inspired dark-electro style. All the songs are based upon similar melody lines, hard-stumping kicks and enraged vocals. It sounds linear so it’s not a surprise I prefer some of the remixes for injecting diversity and some sound intelligence.

Conclusion: Synapsyche will set dark-electro dancefloors on fire with their hard-hitting dance vibes.

Best songs: “ Who The Fuck Are You Now?  – Aiboforcen Remix”, “Who The Fuck Are You Now? – Circumpolar Remix”, “Who The Fuck Are You Now? – T-Error Machinez Remix”.

Rate: (6½).


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