Leftfield to re-release excellent 1995 debut ‘Leftism 22’ with 11 bonus remixes

By Feb 21,2017

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Leftfield to re-release excellent 1995 debut'Leftism 22' with 11 bonus remixes

Neil Barnes and Paul Daley (although the latter is no longer part of Leftfield) will see a re-release of their 1995 album “Leftism” re-titled “Leftism 22” in May. It was an album which also the Side-Line team tagged as being ‘brilliant’. The reissue of their debut album goes accompanied by a UK tour where Leftfield (now led solely by Neil Barnes) will perform the record in full.

You can already order all various formats (vinyl – very limited, CD, downloads) right here and it’s already a bestseller!

Leftfield was formed in 1989, before emerging publicly in 1990 with the track “Not Forgotten”. The album spawned numerous hit singles such as “Open Up” (a collaboration with John Lydon), “Original” (featuring Curve’s Toni Halliday), “Release the Pressure” (featuring Earl Sixteen) and “Afro-Left” (with vocals by Neil Cole, aka Djum Djum).

In January 2010 Barnes resurrected Leftfield without Daley and, after touring for a few years, finished writing new material for a third album entitled “Alternative Light Source”. Daley declined to be involved and is focusing upon his solo career.

Here’s a reminder of how these great “Leftism” tracks sounded back then!


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