Kloob – Cryptic Interactions (Album – Kloob)

By Mar 16,2021

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Genre/Influences: Dark-Ambient, Drone.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Kloob is the Spanish solo-project of Daniel Ferreira. 2020 has been a prolific year for the musician. Next to the brilliant album “Mundus Patet” he released together with Onasander, he also unleashed this “Cryptic Interactions”. Eight songs inspired by paranormal experiences and the question if they’re ‘caused by a ‘foreign essence’ or are they a figment of human imagination?’ Notice by the way this album has been self-released while Frederic Arbour (Cyclic Law) did the mastering.

Content: Kloob invites the listeners to enter into a dark universe he created with humming atmospheres and sound waves. The tracks are progressively evolving, creating a strong visual appeal. Heavy sound blasts are resonating while drones are slowly joining in. One of the last tracks features a somewhat tribal-like influence while everything comes to an end by a new humming sound wave.

+ + + : Klook has already released noticeable Productions and this new opus holds on the dark and tenebrous style of the artist. The composition has something inhibited, like a very intimate and imaginary voyage of the inner-self. Next to the familiar dark, humming waves the work also reveals an impressive number of subtle noises and arrangements. But the main strength of this work is the tracklist whereby the songs are moving crescendo till reaching their apotheosis at “Spectral Rage”. This song is driven by a kind of slow, Tribal-like cadence, which brings diversity to the dark sphere. I also have to say a word about the artistic digipak of this self-released album. 

– – – : I was mentioning the impressive tracklist and the order of the tracks. It’s just a pity the very last cut (cf. “Ghostly Presences”) –which sounds cool by the way, appears to be an anti-climax right after the phenomenal “Spectral Rage”.

Conclusion: Kloob confirms great writing skills in the creation of poignant dark ambiances.

Best songs: “Spectral Rage”, “Profound Invocation”, “Encrypted Feedback”, “Fascinating Flow”.

Rate: (8).




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