Kilner – Walk Type (Digital Album – Avian)

By Mar 24,2017

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Genre/Influences: Dark-techno, IDM.

Background/Info: Behind this new technoid project is hiding Jamie Roberts. This is a British producer operating from Berlin and who got some recognition under the Blawan moniker. “Walk Type” is a new sonic experience, which is also available as double a 12” vinyl.

Content: Kilner belongs to the growing number of techno artists inspired by dark sonic treatments and experimentalism. That’s why we no longer can speak about techno-music, and why the global production comes closer to IDM.

“Walk type” features 6 intelligent cuts made with cool sound treatments and a constant minimal approach, which even moves into glitchy passages.

+ + + : “Walk Type” is a sophisticated piece of music carried by low, vibrating sound sculptures and darker, industrial-minded manipulations. It’s not the cheap danceable techno sound, but a well-crafted and exciting work based upon sound research and pure artistic creation. Both more experimental final cuts are sublime and filled with anguishing atmospheres. The raw and somewhat industrial-driven sounds are worthy of examination.

– – – : It’s weird to say, but I would have preferred this work if it was a little less experimental and a tiny bit more danceable-like.

Conclusion: Kilner is an efficient antidote to cheap and predictable techno music. “Walk Away” stands for the dark side of techno and I like it!

Best songs: “Tamtara”, “Sunsera”, “Filk”.

Rate: (7).


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