KIFOTH – Alive:d (CD Album – KIFOTH)

By Jan 7,2020

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Genre/Influences: EBM.

Background/Info: Slovakian duo ‘Mir  Colon’ and ‘k-head’ have been active since 1993. From the original name Kneel In Front Of The Executioner to KIFOTH this live album wants to be a kind of testimony of their career. The album has been recorded in 2017 during the ‘Extinction Of Mankind’-tour.

Content: Most EBM-heads are familiar with the harsh EBM style of the duo. The album clearly reflects some like spirit, but also appears to be a travel throughout the time. From their last released album on EK Product to their self-released album as Kneel In Front Of The Executioner, “Alive:d” has a lot to offer. The sound is rather simple, into traditional EBM and mainly inspired by the 90s movement. It reminds me a bit to bands such as Leather Strip -for some sequences and Skinny Puppy –for some leads.

+ + + : I’m not always a huge fan of live-albums, but this one is an interesting visit throughout the band’s discography. I prefer the more elaborated cuts such as “Electrosmog” and “Possessed By The Right To Modify”, but I’m also in for the harder “Clandestine And Formidable” and “Crucified Thief”.

– – – : You can hear the live spirit emerging from the audience at the end of each song, but there’s no trace of interaction between band and fans.

Conclusion: If you’re into intelligent retro-EBM strongly based upon the 90s genre, KIFOTH is for sure a band that will give you pleasure!

Best songs: “Clandestine And Formidable”, “Possessed By The Right To Modify”, “Electrosmog”, “Crucified Thief”.

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