Kaffee Und Kuchen – Sahnestücke (Album – Krater Recordings)

By Feb 17,2020

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, noise, abstract, industrial.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: There’s less info available about this record. Kaffee Und Kuchen is a Polish noise project, which has performed at some famous industrial festivals such as “Maschinenfest”. This work features 21 songs, but is it all about collaborations with other artists? Remixes? Live takes? Mystery!

Content: The work features 21 songs and a nice selection of artists such as Philipp Münch, Graubrot, Carsten Vollmer, Hypnoskull, Emerge, Beinhaus ao plus Kaffe Und Kuchen. The influences are quite diversified, but the abstract-, experimental- and noise genres are mainly featured.

+ + + : The concept and cover of this work both are intriguing. Sound-wise I’m more into the industrial-like tracks and I again was impressed by the retro-industrial style of Beinhaus. Philipp Münch’s minimal-experimental electro-like cut is also worthy of examination. One of the most surprising and unique cuts of the album is the one by Graubrot, which has something industrial hip-hop like. Gehirn.Implosion might get the award of most original project for their kind of noise-techno contribution. Hypnoskull still stands for exciting industrial sounds. I also noticed a cool rhythmic-noise track by Kaffee Und Kuchen.

– – – : This is extreme music for a very restricted number of music lovers, but the good thing about it, is the diversity.

Conclusion: Some releases have something enigmatic and that’s precisely what I experienced listening to “Sahnestücke”, but it will for sure appeal for visitors of “Maschinenfest”.

Best artists: Beinhaus, Philipp Münch, Graubrot, Hypnoskull, Gehirn.Implosion, Kaffee Und Kuchen.

Rate: (6).


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