Jowisz – Trench Rat’s Banquet II (CD Album – Spartha Production)

By Dec 21,2019

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Genre/Influences: Martial, experimental, dark-ambient.        

Background/Info: Polish martial project Jowisz released this album in 2018 as a successor to the “Trench Rat’s Banquet”-album released in 2016. The influences are once again getting us back to WWI and the horror of the trenches covered with mud, rats and death soldiers. 

Content: This album definitely sounds complementary with the previous release. Jowisz again brings the horror of war to life. Spoken samples and old Polish folk chants sung by the soldiers in the trenches have been alternated by heavy explosions of bombs and the noise of rifles. You get the impression of being on the battlefield and the state of terror has been only accentuated by the dark-ambient atmospheres merged with repetitive tones.

+ + + : This is another work tickling our fantasy to recreate images of war and terror. The sound formula remains exactly the same as at the previous album. Jowisz has assembled an impressive number of samplings, noises and dark atmospheres. It makes me think to a sonic painting, which in a way totally fits with the front cover of the digipak. This work is much more than simply martial music; it’s a mix between different related genres with ‘darkness’ as common element.

– – – : I get a bit of a similar feeling as on other Jowisz productions. The production reveals an impressive strength of sounds, noises and samplings, but never reaches an ultimate point of astonishment.

Conclusion: Jowisz brings the terror of WWI to life with a poignant sonic exposure.

Best songs: “Everyone Have Their Own Gallipoli”, “In The Cage Of Shell Shock”.

Rate: (7).



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