Janosch Moldau – Broken Pieces (EP – Janosch Moldau Records / The Orchard / Sony Music)

By Sep 20,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: German synht-pop artist Janosch Moldau strikes back by releasing this EP filled with remixes from songs featured on the last full length album “Host”.

Content: We first get 4 remixes from the song “Broken Shoulder”. The different edits are holding on the evasive and melancholic approach of the original song. You however will notice some little details differentiating from song to song. From the “It’s Not Over Mix”, which comes pretty close to the original edit to the extended “No Virgins In Paradise Mix” to the more bombastic “Nomad Mix” to the somewhat experimental “Sleeper Mix”, which also accentuates the vocals, you definitely get a different perception of this song.

We next get remixes of “Embrace Me” and “Sense For God”. The first one is an instrumental cut while the last song sounds a bit more boosted with rhythm.

+ + + : I have to admit “Broken Shoulder” was not exactly my favorite song from “Host”, but the different versions, each accentuating different aspects of the song, have something sensible. “Broken Shoulder” is a beautiful although melancholic track. The melancholia emerges at the surface of “Embrace Me”, which also stands for a dreamy composition.

– – – : All this EP is missing is a ‘club mix’!

Conclusion: “Broken Pieces” is a nice addition to the “Host”-album and I’m sure it will ravish the Janosch Moldau fan basis.

Best songs: “Broken Shoulder – It’s Not Over Mix”, “Embrace Me – Forever Mix”.

Rate: (7½).

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