Janosch Moldau – Rewind The Singles 2005 – 2020 (Album – Janosch Moldau Records)

By Jun 8,2021

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Genre/Influences: Electro-Pop.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: German artist Janosch Moldau has been active for numerous years and has covered an impressive number of productions. The title of this album clearly indicates what you might expect. Nineteen songs have been selected and remastered.

Content: The selected singles have been featured in chronological release order. It’s an opportunity to (re)discover the evolution of this Electro-Pop formation characterized by a deep, melancholic taste. The songs of this artist aren’t into explicit melodies, but in the created atmosphere of sadness. It’s a sweet voyage accompanied by the fragile timbre of voice of Janosch Moldau. It also is a sensitive and dreamy trip with only a few cuts featuring a harder and more danceable kick.

+ + + : I’ve never been a real huge fan of the early releases of the artist although the global approach has never changed all over the years. But I finally got used to discovering the melancholic moods, which together with a more accomplished song writing finally resulted in more alluring songs during the past few years. So the second part of the album definitely is my favorite one. Songs like “Broken Shoulder”, “In Another World” and “Lovestar” have something atypical, but pleasant to listen to. And even if the music sounds sweet, most of the tracks are accomplished with rougher and even somewhat Industrial-like sound treatments.

– – – : It never has been Janosch Moldau’s approach to inject an extra boosting element in the songs and that’s a pity. It could create a more danceable touch and especially diversity to the work. Some of the songs have a soporific effect, but I definitely respect this artist for having held on its initial approach all over the years.

Conclusion: Dreamy Electro-Pop ballads filled with melancholia and sadness, which you better, can avoid listening to when you’re in a dark mood.

Best songs: “Broken Shoulder”, “In Another World”,  “Lovestar”, “Second Best”.

Rate: (7).

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