Iron Fist Of The Sun – We Can Yield Our Own Footsteps (CD Album – Cold Spring Records)

By Sep 3,2015

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, experimental, industrial-noise.

Iron Fist Of The SunContent: Lee Howard has released an impressive number of productions in a rather short lapse of time and is now back on track again revealing an opus filled with industrial terror-music.

The new work of Iron Fist Of The Sun (IFOTS) starts off in a rather quiet and even a bit evasive way, but that’s just like an introduction to the dark and disturbing content coming up next. “Pride” rapidly evolves into harder parts joined by possessed screams.

“The Disappearing Chair” is a pretty cool experiment reminding me a bit of some minimal-electro experiments during the 80s. This cut reflects an interesting experimental approach joined by whispering and spooky-like vocals. The song is a bit repetitive, but it also reveals cool electro-noises. Lee Howard has a true passion for manipulating sounds and it is one of the main aspects of his new album. “Trapped In Amber” is an excellent composition in the genre, and he literally excels in this procedure on “Insignificant”. We here can face a dense and misty-like industrial-noise format supported by a spooky sound ambiance.

The album reaches a kind of noise treatment apotheosis on “Born Of Snake”. It sounds like an uncompromised creation that absolutely move you. It sounds rough, but still totally disturbing when using headphones. A dense layer of noises emerges like a vibe from darker depths. Terror can be simply cool as well.

Conclusion: This new album by IFOTS is an overwhelming trip throughout extreme fields of industrial music. It’s a successful composition that will satisfy the fans of freaky noise experiments.

Best songs: “The Disappearing Chair”, “Insignificant”, “Pride”.

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