Industrial rock act The Fair Attempts releases new single, ‘Trials of Celeste’

By Jun 19,2020

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The Fair Attempts release a new single, ‘Dial Out’ - out now

Good news from The Fair Attempts, they have released a brand new single “Trials of Celeste”. The result is an industrial rock track handling the fact that we’re all being controlled by someone or some authority structure, for their own benefit or entertainment.

In a recent video, Friendly Timo elaborated on the message of “Trials of Celeste” and spoke about the very personal mechanisms of control individuals experience in their social lives. “People around us tend to expect us to adopt their ways of thought and usually impose their world view on us. They may even try to publicly shame us as an attempt to add some social pressure for us, to make us conform to their kind of groupthink. Ruling powers continuously sow and exploit divisions in society. At some point, each individual is forced to choose their faction. In our everyday world, we are controlled—we are manipulated and programmed into doing what the powers-that-be want us to do.”

Friendly Timo adds: “If an entity, government, or private corporation holds a lot of power over everything else, they’re the ones who can dictate what the truth is. This ‘official truth’ can be enforced through various ways, by setting up separate institutions to provide confirmation of the newly defined ‘truth.’”

“Trials of Celeste” is the third single from the upcoming album titled, “Dream Engine”. The single was released on June 15, 2020. “Trials of Celeste” is available to stream on Spotify and for purchase on Bandcamp.


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