Inadream – No Songs For Lovers (CD Album – Echozone)

By Dec 6,2019

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Genre/Influences: Post-punk, punk-rock.

Background/Info: Inadream is a brand-new name based in  Bochum (Germany). This year they released their debut album featuring ten songs dealing about personal feelings, social criticism, drugs and relationship dramas.

Content: The opening part of the album clearly reveals the punk influence, which sounds pretty British. One of the songs (cf. “And If”) even reminds me a bit of The Clash. But quite progressively the songs are moving into melancholic passages where the punk has been mixed with rock music. This album moves from rage towards emotions.

+ + + : The debut songs are clearly reminding me of good-old punk souvenirs and this is for sure the best exponent from the album. The opening cut “Romantic Tragedy” and the harder “Love Me Or Leave Me” both are great cuts evoking the glorious days of punk music. This band also enlarges the sonic horizon of Echozone. Inadream doesn’t innovate, but their punk style is pure fun!

– – – : I regret the entire album doesn’t sound like the debut part. Punk music is what this band does best! The rock approach and more melancholic parts left me unmoved.

Conclusion: This is a work with two faces; a great good-old punk inspired part next to a more sentimental, but less convincing rock part!

Best songs: “Love Me Or Leave Me”, “Romantic Tragedy”, “Black Bird”, “And If”.

Rate: (6½).


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