The Anti Group – 4×12 (CD Album – Peripheral Minimal Records)

By Dec 5,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, electronics.

Background/Info: Behind The Anti Group (TAG) is hiding Adi Newton. He was previously involved in The Future and later on created Clock DVA. Together with S.J. Turner he set up TAG as a project of multi-media research & development active in different areas. Several members have been involved in the project, but Adi Newton always remained the ‘supervisor’. This work brings a nice selection of tracks that were originally composed during the 80s and 90s.   

Content: This album is a perfect opportunity to re-discover the experimental approach of TAG, and also a more intelligent sound, which clearly was the basis to Clock DVA. One of the tracks (cf. “Big Sex”) clearly inspired one of the most famous Clock DVA cuts. I’m sure you’ll recognize the samplings. The debut part of the album is definitely experimental while the last part became more sophisticated.  

Both last songs are attention grabbers as they are remixes by Richard H. Kirk (Cabaret Voltaire), which have been produced and developed this year by Adi Newton. 

+ + + : First of all this release reveals a great DVD digipak format including a 16 page booklet. But this album is also a perfect opportunity to get back to the particular sonic universe of this group. The album reflects the experimental spirit of the 80s next to the sound genius of Adi Newton, which totally emerged during his Clock DVA period. The sophisticated format clearly appears during the last tracks. I recommend listening to “Morpheus Baby”, “Big Sex” and “Broadcast Test – Transmission 1”. The remix of “Zulu” by Richard H. Kirk is another great piece of music.

– – – : Some of the most experimental cuts sound like pure improvisation and aren’t my favorite part of the TAG.

Conclusion: Bringing TAG to life is a real great idea to rediscover a somewhat forgotten treasure from the 80s, but still a way to rediscover the genius of Ady Newton. He according to me remains one of the Godfathers of intelligent electronic music!

Best songs: “Big Sex”, “Morpheus Baby”, “Broadcast Test – Transmission 1”, “Zulu – Dub Remix produced by Adi Newton from Richard H. Kirk Remix Version”.

Rate: (8).

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