Hyperkube – Remnants (Album – Littl’Antenna Records /  Wool-E Discs)

By Mar 11,2021

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Genre/Influences: Ambient-Electro.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Hyperkube is a Belgian solo-project driven by Tom Coppens who’s also involved with Kubusschnitt. “Remnants” is a collaborative work between festival organization Littl’Antenna and Wool-E Discs subdivision ‘Belgian NeuMusik’.

Content: From the very first seconds and notes, this work clearly reminds the famous ‘Berlin School’. Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream aren’t far away and clearly appears to be important sources of inspiration. The work features 5 songs, which have been progressively built up featuring low bass resonations, analogue sound effects and multiple bleeps and sweeps.

+ + + : This is not an album you’re going to buy for its originality, but simply because you like Ambient-Electro and more especially the famous ‘Berlin School’. The songs have been well-crafted, elaborated mixing dreamy and more mysterious passages. The last song “In Fine Principium” appears to be a true apotheosis due to some overwhelming sound blasts right at the end of the song. “Remnants” appears to be a sonic puzzle featuring an endless number of little sonic noises and effects. 

– – – : I think it’s just a pity there’s no more innovation in the global approach of this work. It remains an emulation of some famous pioneers… although a well-crafted work!

Conclusion: “Remnants” is the debut release in this Littl’Antenna Live Session, which clearly confirms Belgium is a prolific ground for talented artists in the Ambient-Electro genre.

Best songs: “In Fine Principium”, “Calling From Beyond”, “Remnants”.

Rate: (7½).


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