Jean-Marc Lederman – Music for Dinosaurs (Album – Wool-E Discs)

By Mar 10,2021

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Genre/Influences: Cinematographic, Minimal-Electro.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: 2020 has been an inspiring and prolific year for Jean-Marc Lederman. Next to his brilliant opus “Letters To Gods (And Fallen Angels)” and the imaginary Soundtrack “The Helpless Voyage Of The Titanic” he also released another ambient work for the “Belgian NeuMusik”-series about Dinosaurs. The album is meant as ‘an homage to fascinating animals with proven social behavior’.

Content: The Soundtrack approach of Jean-Marc Lederman became a familiar thing, but each time again he tries to accomplish something apart and different from previous works. We here get a pretty Minimal-Electro sound, which sounds vintage-minded. Some tracks remind me of old computer games while other passages sound like imaginary lullabies. Other parts are more danceable and even a bit transcendental. The songs aren’t dark, but feature a refreshing and diversified mix of Ambient- and Minimal-Electro.

+ + + : The lock-down due to the pandemic seems to have stimulated the endless imagination of the artist. This work is probably the most surprising one from the past months –and even if I don’t immediately see the connection between concept and music, he accomplished a great piece of vintage-Electro driven music. I like the album’s versatility, having a preference for the brilliant “The Narcissist Megasaurus”. This track has something pretty Trance-like, but also reveals a great canvas of sound treatments. Another attention grabber is “Archaeopteryx, The Mother Of All Headbangers”. “Do T-Rex Dream Of Prosthetic Arms?” is another cool and especially elaborated cut. The work is also characterized by an impressive number of effects and little bleeps. Last, but not least you can feel Jean-Marc Lederman got some fun composing this work; just have a look at song titles like “My Name Is Diplo, James Diplo”, “Nessie Goes Yoga”, “Dino Pimp Strolls Down Jurassic Avenue”, “Archaeopteryx, The Mother Of All Headbangers”…

– – – : I didn’t hear the link between the dinosaurs theme and the music. The album isn’t the most representative one in the “Belgian NeuMusik”-concept mainly devoted to Ambient, but maybe more accessible than most of these productions. 

Conclusion: “Music For Dinosaurs” sounds refreshing and definitely appealing for lovers of Minimal-Electronic experiences.

Best songs: “The Narcissist Megasaurus”, “Archaeopteryx, The Mother Of All Headbangers”, “Do T-Rex Dream Of Prosthetic Arms?”.

Rate: (7).


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