Hunter Complex – Dead Calm And Zero Degrees (Album – Burning Witches Records)

By Jul 16,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro-ambient, experimental, cinematographic.

Format: Digital, Vinyl.

Background/Info:  Hailing from The Netherlands, Lars Meijer is involved with music since the 90s. He has been busy with different projects and is co-owner of the Narrominded label. He this year stroke back with the fourth full length of Hunter Complex. The new work has been introduced as ‘the twin record’ to the previous album (cf. “Open Sea”) because the tracks were conceived around the same period.

Content: The style and influences aren’t that different from the previous album. Hunter complex invites the listeners to embark for a cinematic voyage, where you’ve to create your own images. The music is electronic, definitely ambient and therefore nearly always dreamy. Some cuts have been accomplished with extra bleeps while I also noticed an organ sound at the last cut.

+ + + : This album is well-crafted, revealing a meticulous writing process. The songs are very efficient in the cinematic style and “Dead Calm And Zero Degrees” is even the most accomplished cinematic work from the artist. It clearly opens perspectives for further releases and why not the writing of a real soundtrack.

– – – : Some tracks are pretty similar to each other, but what really hurts me is the sensation it all feels like an album conceived with preset sounds. It might be just a wrong sensation, but I’m expecting a bit more originality in sound research.

Conclusion: This is an album with a relaxing effect, which will please lovers of electro-ambient music. I however preferred the previous album.

Best songs: “Dead Calm And Zero Degrees”, “Hot Streets”, “Star Crash”.

Rate: (6).

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