Henrik Nordvargr Björkk / Margaux Renaudin – Anima Nostra (CD Album – Cold Spring)

By Aug 22,2016

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, industrial-ambient.

Henrik Nordvargr Björkk - Margaux RenaudinBackground/Info: “Anima Nostra” is the meeting between one of the leaders and old-servant of the dark-ambient and industrial scene Henrik Nordvargr Björkk (MZ.412, Nordvargr…) and Margaux Renodin. Renodin took care of the vocal material and is a rather surprising discovery.

Content: This album features the dark and tormented sound composed by Nordvargr with ghost-like vocals on top. Guest singer Nader Sadek (who’s active in the metal scene) contributed to this album as well.

The sound reminds me sometimes of old-styled industrial music, but mixed with an obscure ambient format. We can discover dark and ghost-like atmospheres, which might be accentuated by some extra icy elements like the sound of resonating trumpet and some epic arrangements. A few growling noises accentuate the hostile ambiance this album has been supported with.

The vocal parts are quite essential and absolutely freaky as well. I refer to some deep-throated growls, but also to a kind of French monologue. Music and vocals together create an intriguing, but really gloomy work.

+ + + : The industrial components mixed with dark-ambient sound treatments is absolutely remarkable and efficient. It reveals a cool retro-style, which is empowered by some percussion passages. The production of the vocal parts is an essential and efficient element of the work. The vocals fully contribute to the icy exposure of “Anima Nostra”.

– – – : I have already heard darker and especially extremer productions from Nordvargr, but I only have good comments for this work.

Conclusion: The duo Henrik Nordvargr Björkk – Margaux Renaudin are not reinventing dark-ambient or industrial music, but there’s a real complicity emerging at the surface of this album. This is the right sound to create a haunting night.

Best songs: “Lavenement Du Neant”, “Runik Hexagram II”, “Maladia Skandinavia”.

Rate: (8).

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