Heimstatt Yipotash – Brinkmanship (Album – Hands)

By Oct 17,2020

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, Rhythmic-Noise, Experimental, Industrial-Techno.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: André Matthes & Thomas Niedballa are back in business, unleashing the first new opus of their Heimstatt Yipotash project in six years. “Brinkmanship” features thirteen new songs, which have been announced as a mix between different genres.

Content: “Brinkmanship” gives me the feeling of an album on, which the musicians tried to deal with an impressive spectrum of influences and genres. The common thread between all the different influences is the Industrial basis of the work, which remains a solid foundation. It has been mixed with heavy Industrial sound treatments and dynamic D’n’B rhythms while other tracks are featuring Technoid and even Trance passages. I also noticed a track carried by nervous Breakbeats while you’ll also notice some kind of Rap vocals on an Industrial composition. A very last and essential detail of the work is the use of spoken samplings, revealing a truly political perception of our world.

+ + + : If you think that this band has achieved a true cacophony, mixing everything that comes into their mind, you’re definitely wrong. They create a perfect osmosis between all their influences, revealing an intelligent writing, which is excelling at “Fix, Find, Finish” and especially at the genius cut “Recoil”. I think we can speak about ‘power, melody and intelligence’! The samplings are like hiding a message or at least a critical perception of our Western World. Vocal samplings of Kim-Jong-Un and Donald Trump are there to remind us of the madness of leaders and dictators. This album is complex and yet accessible!

– – – : “Brinkmanship” is the kind of production you’ve to listen a few times before you can get an idea about it. It might sound as a mishmash of music genres… or it can be love at first sight!

Conclusion: Heimstatt Yipotash has accomplished an astonishing return. This album is a true masterpiece revealing an ‘industrial free-style’ or simply the sound of modern- and progressive Industrial music!

Best songs: “Recoil”, “Fix, Find, Finish”, “Synthetic DNA”, “Trigger”, “Step Into The Void”, “Progress”, “Brinkmanship”.

Rate: (9).

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