H.Ø.S.T – Anthology Of War (Cassette Album – Hell Is Here Production)

By Jun 26,2018

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Genre/Influences: Military-music, ambient-music.

Background/Info: H.Ø.S.T is a Polish project unleashing its debut release on cassette format. The album features 8 cuts and is still available as digital release as well.

Content: “Anthology Of War” is an appropriate title for this work, which sounds like having been recorded on the battlefield during WWII. Next to some familiar German propaganda sampled parts you’ll hear several familiar military elements such as air raids and bombings, alarm sirens, gun rifles, explosions, screams etc which have been joined by obscure sound atmospheres. There also is a passage with panpipes, which makes me think to soldiers sitting around the campfire when they were not active on the front.

+ + + : “Anthology Of War” is a strong visual release; you literally can feel the horror of war, which appears to be the muse and main source of inspiration from H.Ø.S.T. There are a few cool passages running through the work, but I especially recommend “Imperial Spirit”.

– – – : H.Ø.S.T definitely accomplished an honest album while avoiding any form of innovation. This is the kind of military-ambient work I’ve already heard thousand times before.

Conclusion: “Anthology Of War” is a sonic documentary with a strong visual strength. You can imagine all the images of despair and horror by the simply force of music.

Best songs: “Imperial Spirit”, “Eastern Front”.

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