Guilt Attendant – Suburban Scum (Album – Hospital Productions)

By Jun 4,2020

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-techno, trance.

Format: Digital, Double Vinyl.

Background/Info: Guilt Attendant is a project driven by Brooklyn (USA) based Nathaniel Young. He’s active as a musician, designer, visual artist, photographer while running the record label Severed Mercies. Guilt Attendant has released multiple EP’s on Severed Mercies, but this debut album has been released by Hospital Productions.

Content: Nathaniel Young is clearly driven by techno music, but he carefully mixes this style with other influences. Several tracks are recovered with trance leads while the global production also reveals a rough and industrial sound approach. Most of the cuts are holding you in their grip for a duration of 5 or 6 minutes long, but a few ones are going even further. “Self-Sacrifice Doctrine” is progressively built up and became a track of nearly 17 minutes. It definitely sounds like the offspring between techno and industrial, but still has an experimental touch.

+ + + : I like this album for its open-minded techno spectrum. The tracks are mainly centered on industrial-techno music with some psy-trance leads above. I like the rough sound treatments, which mainly come through at “Cursed Spawn Of White Flight” and “Self-Sacrifice Doctrine”.

– – – : The album features several cool cuts, but is missing a real climax in the tracklist.

Conclusion: “Suburban Scum” sounds dirty and that’s precisely what this album sounds for; a dirty techno sound!

Best songs: “Cursed Spawn Of White Flight”, “Self-Sacrifice Doctrine”, “The Icon Is God”, “Broken Free”.

Rate: (7).


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