Terrorfakt – Achtung! 2020 Remixes (EP – SquareWav)

By Jun 4,2020

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, rhythmic-noise.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Terrorfakt was set up after 9.11 and rapidly became a hot and successful project dealing with electro-industrial & rhythmic-noise stuff. Several successful productions have been released on different labels. The last work brings us back to 2009! “Achtung! 2020 Remixes” is not exactly a ‘new’ work, but remixes from a song originally released on the great album “Cold Steel World” (2004) by Metropolis.

Content: “Achtung” has been remixed by Veldt, Spheric, Fluxion A/D, Sleep Clinic and Cervello Elettronico. We get a rather varied, but hard cocktail of remixes, which remained rather faithful to the original style of the song and Terrorfakt’s sound. By the exception of Cervello Elettronico (David Christian has been involved with Terrorfakt in the early beginning) the other remixers are not directly making ring a bell. But I discovered impressive, blasting songs with a hostile atmosphere on top.

+ + + : Sixteen years after the release of the original “Achtung!”-edit this song still sounds as a real smack in your face. It inspired the different featured artists to accomplish real interesting remixes. From the heavy and raw opening remix by Veldt to the dark and  aggressive remix by Spheric this EP takes off a furious way. Cervello elettronico also did a great job with a somewhat linear remix featuring a truly sonic apotheosis in the end. Does this EP announce the return of Terrorfakt? I hope we’ll get more –and hopefully, good news soon. 

– – – : I of course would have liked to hear a new- or previously unreleased Terrorfakt song instead of remixes.

Conclusion: This EP brings Terrorfakt back alive reminding us this project was a powerful and merciless sonic assault; call it great rhythmic-noise!

Best songs: “Achtung! – Remixed by Cervello Elettronico”, “Achtung! – Remixed by Spheric”, “Achtung! – Remixed by Veldt”. 

Rate: (8).

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