Goteki release their first album in over 10 years

By Apr 7,2020

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Goteki release their first album in over 10 years

The Nottingham & Bristol UK based industrial duo Goteki is back with a fourth album. “Songs from the void” will be released on Monday April 13th and is Goteki’s fourth album and their first since 2009’s “Santa Muerte”. The 10 track album brings Goteki back to their roots, fusing classic 90s industrial with 80’s New Romantic and 70s Prog Synth in a style they call ‘Death Electro’.

The album will be available on Spotify and

The band is the brainchild of composer Ross Tregenza which began life from the ashes of Tregenza’s first project – cybergoth band Sneaky Bat Machine. SBM died and made way for Goteki in 2000. Since then, the band has been through countless stylistic and musical iterations, and a roster of band members, with singer/songwriter Tregenza and live Bassist Ali Star at the core.

In addition to a plethora of singles, remix albums, EPs and curated collections, Goteki have released 3 albums to date.

Between Goteki releases, Tregenza has had a diverse musical career that’s heavily influenced Goteki’s music. He wrote music and played synth & guitar for 80s pop band Visage for a number of years and also works as a composer and sound designer for video games, including the legendary Timesplitters and Crysis series of games.

If you wonder how the band sounds, then this best of is a good starter.


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