God Module to release brand new retrospective 2CD set ‘Does This Stuff freak You Out?’ plus announce US tour

By Jul 31,2017

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God Module to release brand new retrospective 2CD set'Does This Stuff freak You Out?' plus announce US tour

Metropolis Recording artists God Module are heading out on tour in support of their new 2CD retrospective release “Does This Stuff Freak You Out“. Next to known tracks the 2CD set also features some very hard to find mixes and alternative version of songs long time fans will be happy to see properly released.

The release date for this ‘Best Of’ record is August 4th and can be ordered right here.

The band is also departing on a US-tour which starts in Salt Lake city on August 20th. Seattle based darkwave band Black Glass will be the main support for the entire tour and Oklahoma based dark electronic act Visions in Black will be opening all the dates. The tour will have support from Scott Denman of Die Sectors’ new project Midnight Myth for the 1st half of the tour then will be replaced by the Industrial project Finite Automata.

Track listing:

01 Victims among Friends (Rework) 02 Fake Fame 03 Orange and Black (Jasyn vs. Michael Mix) 04 Endless 05 Silence 06 The Souce (IR Mix) 07 Rituals (Clubbed to Death mix) 08 Telekinetic 09 Round and Round 10 Destroy the Day 11 Art 12 Undone 13 Lucid 14 Into the Outside

01 False Face (Cut up mix) 02 Still so strange (Xenograft mix) 03 Doppelganger 04 Red Ribbons.wav 05 Illusion (Fortified mix by Siechtum) 06 Lunacy 07 Let’s go Dark (UnterArt mix) 08 Remember (Vexed mix) 09 Skeptical 10 A simple Restriction 11 Spooky (As a muther mix) 12 Altered Image 13 We are Legend 14 Ressurection: Ressurected

Here’s already one track from the 2CD set.



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